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Water is getting warmer, fishing is hotting up!

We have been extremely busy on Days Out Bay of Islands, as for the fishing the fish are still in but have defiantly moved out a little bit which may be due to the water temp being amazingly high. I got up to 21.9 degrees off Onslow rock and have had both blue sharks and small Makos in the harbor. Out in the 40 to 50 mtr mark there are lots of nice 40 to 50cm size snapper. The center foul has a lot of bait fish on the western side so get out early and catch some fresh jack mackerel, the snapper cant refuse them this time of year. This week the fish will start to get on the chew a lot more as that big moon drops. It definitely made them a bit shy with very quick bite times. Get out there be safe and enjoy your summer. Hope to see you soon aboard Days Out.

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