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Hard Fighting Kingfish

Well, cant complain about the weather lately with these hot calm days you can get out and explore in close along Brampton reef and along the banks of Capstan rock, where there are some solid fish in the burly trail. Just about all the foul areas in the Bay we have seen Kingfish but with the large amount of bronze whalers around you are lucky to get them up intact. The King fish have been around in really good numbers but trying to get them up has been the problem, maybe fight them on a light drag lead them off the reef before apply pressure which is the way we fish these monsters in the yellow tail tournament held up here in the Bay of Islands. 71 metre reef is holding good Kingfish and cape Brett is good as long as the bait fish are there. There are some nice Snapper holding at Onslow rock / Nine pin/ and in the middle ground to the south of Center foul or get in close and don't be afraid to fish in the water you can see the bottom in as long as you have enough to float. The live bait is over towards Kemp Passage and in the inside of Roberton Island, good luck & tight lines. Cheers Darren

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