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Snapper in the bay

Hi guys well its all on up here in the bay . Lots of school fish are

starting to gather in between Roberton Island and Tapeka point along

that 24 mtr mark with several snapper past that magical 20 lb. Under the birds there have been some nice kingfish as well as snapper and

lots of small kahawai mitas foul has a good amount of snapper as well as a lot of small kingfish with 71 mtr reef holding some good

fish up to 20 kgs. Cape Brett is fishing well with large amounts of

bait fish and the water temp slowly rising you never know just what

might eat your live bait.This week all the major reefs that are

inside the nine pin to red head will be starting to hold large

amounts of fish the soft baits are the go till the sun gets high then

you can either drift if weather permits or find a nice bank or head land and lay down a big burly trail. The bait fish are in good

supply over towards Kemp passage and in the middle around the 20 mtr area. Also up towards the Albert channel there are a few kingi's

inside the island which is always a good option if there is a big swell running the Brampton reef is also a highly productive area to

spend some time scouting around some times fishing your feet first

can pay off big time the big girls will be in there feeding on crays

and shell fish good luck be safe.

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