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Relaxation is Fishing!

Summer is on the way fast, and what better way to relax over the summer than fishing on board Days Out Fishing Charters. Darren spends his limited time off relaxing the only way he knows how too by FISHING!

Join us on Days Out Fishing Charters in the Bay of Islands for your summer RELAXATION!

John Dory - best eating fish

Amazing day in the Bay of Islands

Kingi gave me a bit of a Fight but I won in the end!

Snapper for Dinner!

Fishing Report: Well

Well with the water trying to warm up we are just starting to see some good sign out in 50 mtrs area with a lot of pan sized fish mostly males starting to gather up ready to start heading into the bay. The 50 gram tunstan jigs from catch have been fishing very well along with the long jigs for kingfish. Rocky point has been the go too place for lots of action be it on live baits or jigs. In close the snapper have been a bit on and off but anywhere along the longbeach area with finding the current being the hardest part. Once you find the wind and tide pushing the same it will be very productive the jack mackerel and slimy mackerel are hanging out in the middle ground. The sliders and micro jigs have been out fishing the bait under the bait schools and 35 mtrs is a good place to try at the moment. Out wide main rock has a few puka on it but has been a bit disappointing with no large school fish around. The bait has been good inside the islands just off twin lagoons with some good sized mackerel along with some great pilchards. If you can load up on these it can mean the difference between a good day and a great day. Be safe and tight lines.


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