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Time for Winter Fishing!

With a stunning summer behind us bringing lots of personal bests to our clients, its now time for the winter fishing to shine. Many of our inshore reefs that inhabit the Bay of Islands are starting to hold good numbers of large resident snapper, which can be caught using a number of methods, from soft baiting to live baits to dead mackerel. Dawn or dusk is the preferred time, find some nice structure and you wont have to go far. A number of reefs to try are Capston Rock, Centre Foul, and out near Whale Rock. For Kingfish the bait schools that inhabit the Bay of Islands have been producing some nice fish. Out to 71 metre reef has been good for both live baiting and jigging. With winter upon us make sure your boat is running well and is serviced, be safe while you are out creating adventures in the Bay!

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