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Are You Ready For Your Fishing Adventure

Are you ready for your fishing adventure? Well summer is crashing the party in the Bay of Islands and the crew at Days Out Fishing Charters cant wait for you to join them for your Bay of Islands Fishing Adventure.

Fishing Report: Darren

Hi team well the water has heated up to near 18 deg which in turn should start to bring in the big schools of snapper to start the spawning season . Make sure you have an early start with some fresh live jack mackerel which have been in a few places . Off Russell point and over towards the Kemp passage all the inner reefs Mita's foul /Centre foul /Brampton reef in close will start to have large fish feeding and spawning mid water along with some nice kingfish which have been a bit patchy but will get better on reefs like 71 /Cape Brett /Bird rock and the Sisters make sure the water is clean with some nice current you cant go wrong. The soft baits will really start to fire with the good old nuclear chicken proving to be a solid starter or some fresh jack mac in a big burly trail will do the trick . With the bronze whalers starting to increase in numbers I tend to cube rather than a thick burly to try and decrease the area I'm working that may sound a bit weird but I don't want the smell going too far and attracting the wrong critters. With Summer just around the corner make sure your boats are serviced and up to safe standards with life jackets a must and always make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you are due back . Get out early or late and have fun.

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