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Getting the best out of your Snapper

How to get the best out of your snapper that you catch. Back bonning is a method I like to do to keep the snapper fresh for great eating later! Back boning involves running a piece of thick nylon down through the iki hole, threading down the inside of the vertebra which slows down the burn time along the back bone from lactic acid.

Its been a blast this summer aboard Days Out with all of our clients able to see our little piece of paradise at its best! There have been lots of fish around and it looks like they will be here to stay for awhile yet!

There has also been a few fishing comps that we have had the pleasure of joining in with, and we have added some pics of these for you. Donna Smith (Co-Owner of Paihia's Pool Hall) won the women's section of the Hoppins Tournament with her 8.3Kg beast! Awesome Donna!

With a new array of reels from Okuma we are looking forward to meeting new and old clients from around the world in the months coming up. Some of the best fishing can be had over the cooler months. Big snapper start to move in shallow to feed up getting ready for winter. Big baits and casting soft baits into the wash can get some hot action.We will keep you posted on our web page with some great photos and Pbs.

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