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Stunning Fishing in the Bay of Islands

Well the summer snapper are on the chew with good numbers coming from all the inner reefs. Live bait and soft bait are doing the damage as long as the wind and tide are in the same direction, it is not hard to get some good fish. The kingfish are still around in good numbers out towards Cape Brett and down towards Wairere rock south of the cape. 71 mtr rock is a bit hit and miss but you can get good kingis and even though they are there its a waiting game for the bite. Same goes for the snapper if you persevere you will get a bite. With boat traffic increasing over the summer months a bit of fishing etiquette is needed with several upset people complaining about the distance of other boats dropping anchor. In general if you are inside the centre foul they will have a strayline out the back so don't come up the back come in from the side and anchor parallel with them. This week hit the shallow stuff all around the islands there are lots of fish around. The live baits are out in 30 mtrs just south of the centre foul with big slimies and jack mackerel. See you all out there and have fun in the stunning Bay of Islands this summer!

Be safe & tight lines.

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